28 July 2018

Anchorage Park School

Pakuranga, Auckland

Anchorage Park School students dreamed of a native bush walk with bird feeders, weta enclosures, insect hotels and worm farms for their school.

That dream became reality as Mazda Ambassadors, Riley Elliott, Peter Wolfkamp and Boh Runga worked tirelessly alongside teachers, pupils and parents, local community members, Mazda Foundation Trustees and the team from Project Crimson turning an unused area in the school into an amazing, dedicated outdoor learning space for exploration and hands on learning.

Ahead of the TREEmendous event the students were treated to a day of learning from Ruud ‘The Bugman’ and Riley ‘The Shark Man’ Elliott.

Ruud introduced his insect friends to the pupils and teachers and spoke with the students about native bugs and how they help us, while Riley explained how he overcame his fear of sharks and why it was important to take better care of our oceans.