Since 2004 Mazda New Zealand has been a proud partner of Project Crimson, forging a shared commitment toward protecting and enhancing New Zealand’s natural environment for future generations.

As part of this support venture, the Mazda Foundation and the Project Crimson Trust launched TREEmendous in 2007.

Four New Zealand schools are chosen each year to have an area of their grounds turned into an outdoor classroom. It might include a lizard garden, native tree planting, creating bird habitats or more! It’s a prize worth $10,000 and all primary and intermediate schools can apply.

The initiative is about encouraging environmental education in schools, along with teaching children and the wider community about the importance of caring for the environment.

Ruud Kleinpaste, the ‘Bugman’, is an ambassador for the project who takes environmental education to the next level at TREEmendous events. Ruud brings his insect friends along and teaches the children about New Zealand’s native bugs and the importance of looking after the environment.