Glendowie School

Auckland’s Glendowie School is undertaking a series of hands-on outdoor education projects to provide students with a better understanding of their local environment.

Ruud “the Bugman” Kleinpaste and Dr Riley Elliott, Shark Scientist visited the school as part of the TREEmendous Education Programme taking students through an interactive learning experience that highlighted the importance of every animal’s role in our eco-system.

Separately Ruud spent time at the school advising teachers on their future environmental projects and how to use the nearby environment as part of their curriculum and create a “Living Garden” to increase the biodiversity unique to Aotearoa.

Environmental Coordinator at Glendowie School, Rose Phillips says “Rudd and Riley are extremely passionate about their area of expertise, and it was an amazing opportunity to have them come and teach everyone about the impact people have on the world, including the teachers!”