Welcome to the TREEmendous Education Programme created by the Mazda Foundation for Primary and Intermediate Schools to develop and create exciting new ways to share environmental literacy in schools with the help of Mazda Ambassador, Ruud ‘the Bugman’ Kleinpaste.

TREEmendous was launched in 2007 to encourage environmental education in schools, along with teaching children and the wider community about the importance of caring for the environment.

Over the years we have found that many schools needed more than one area of their school to become an outdoor learning area. We saw opportunities to turn the whole outdoor area into a learning environment for the school thus increasing overall environmental literacy at schools.

The exciting new TREEmendous Education Programme encourages hands on learning and Ruud will work with teachers to identify how they can use the environment as a context for Education and make it an immersive part of the curriculum.

Kiwi kids will then be able to reconnect with nature and be inspired to take care of the environment for future generations.

If you want your school, educators and students to reconnect to the fabulous Biodiversity (from plants to bugs, fungi and birds) then apply now for a TREEmendous Education Programme for your school.